How Is Finger Foods – A Three-Week Menu & Recipes Different?

“Finger Foods – A three week menu and recipes” gives anyone the ability to eat with independence and dignity. Every recipe in Finger Foods can be eaten without the need to use cutlery, making these meals great for those who require assistance to eat. The large variety of meals in our book are nutritionally healthy and fun to eat.

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Large Print

Available in standard print and easy to read large print with a choice of imperial or metric measurements.


Quick Preparation

All recipes are quick and easy to prepare. Many can be cooked in batches and frozen for later.

100% Organic Food

Nutritionally Balanced

Healthy food makes for happy people which is why our recipes tick all the boxes for healthy eating.

Disabled child can finally eat with family members again

“My 12 year old granddaughter has cerebral palsy and is too embarrassed to eat at the table with other family members because of the mess she makes. Being served finger foods enables her to eat with the other family members, independently and with dignity.”

Recently Bereaved Elderly Man Can Finally Feed Himself

“My parents had been married for 50+ years and the household tasks were divided into indoors for Mum, and outdoors for Dad. Whilst Mum was alive, Dad’s food magically appeared on the table at the prerequisite times. When Mum died, Dad did not know how to cook, amongst many other indoor household tasks – the Finger Food book gave him a meal structure to follow, and simple recipes to cook, all at the time of grieving a profound loss, and consequently made an important contribution to his coping with his loss and grief.”

Unwell, Elderly Lady Finds Finger Food Solution

“I have been undergoing extensive difficult treatment for a nasty diagnosis, and often don’t feel like eating a meal. Being able to batch cook the finger foods recipes and then freeze in single serves means I can graze as I wish and still eat well.”

How Is Finger Foods – A Three-Week Menu & Recipes Different?

Our Finger Foods book includes a finger foods based menu, plus the recipes to support the menu, and was developed to enhance independence and dignity in eating for people who would otherwise need assistance to eat.


Criteria for the development of the three-week menu included:

  • One or two mouthfuls per food item.
  • Firm shape and form.
  • Ease of preparation.
  • Non-repeating main courses, desserts and snacks to ensure menu variety.
  • Sensory appeal such as taste, texture, aroma and colour.
  • Dishes that can be batch-cooked, frozen, and reconstituted as required.
  • Fun to eat.

Who Is Finger Foods For?

Being able to feed oneself as a child is one of the first achievements in the long journey to independence, thus the loss of that independence is a profound loss. Healthy finger food menus and recipes can delay that loss.


Healthy finger food menus and recipes are useful to a broad range of people, including those:

  • who would otherwise be fed,
  • who do not sit and eat meals,
  • who are overwhelmed by standard meal serves,
  • babies transitioning from pureed food to regular meals,
  • children with newly-acquired cooking skills,
  • young adults who have recently left home,
  • people who eat on the run (breakfast in the car travelling to work, lunch at the desk, and evening meal travelling home from work or to a meeting),
  • people who enjoy cooking,
  • people who want fun picnics,
  • those who need to develop cooking skills due to bereavement, becoming a Carer, or are now living alone,
  • institutions that want to minimise staff interventions at all meals, especially the evening meal.